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November 1st, 2016

While some jack off to Coke bottle-figured women and others prefer chunky ones, there are also those who get aroused by the likes of Shannon Whirry, who is not just a curvy hot bitch but a rather ripped one too. She likes things balanced and by this she meant with almost everything that she does. While starting off her career in B-movies in the early 1990s, she’s been taught to keep her body as tight and sexy as possible as she’s the type who’d eventually make it big with her fine assets. She has used her ‘gifts’ to claim fame alright but this didn’t stripped off the fun she used to have during her private moments.

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June 14th, 2016

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Shannon Whirry is proud of her assets and one of these are her nice big breasts. She’s one cocksucking bitch who enjoys milking her men but she’s equally fond of milking her tits on cam too. A leaked video of hers showing her squeezing milk from her juggs is probably one of the most appetizing things you’ll watch today. Prepare to suck on those tits coz it looks like Whirry has a lot to feed that perverted mouth.

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August 5th, 2010

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Shannon Whirry was the star of such productions as Animal Instincts I and II, Body of Influence, Mirror Images II, Private Obsession and Playback. All those movies  featured the nubile Shannon in various stages of being undressed. Shannon and her mouthwatering breasts later moved from softcore movies into a series of roles on mainstream network television and films, including action, sci-fi and horror genres.

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